• Original garden Ceylon teas in bulk by MJF Exports

Highest Quality Ceylon Tea

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About MJF Exports

Our Journey to Excellence

MJF Exports provide an efficient and reliable service to bulk tea importers around the world

MJF Exports (Pvt.) Ltd is a subsidiary of MJF Group*, which commenced operations in 1974, and is a well-established tea exporter with an excellent track record for trading in expertly blended and original garden teas for shipment in bulk form to blenders and packers worldwide, including America, Europe, Far East & the CIS. Reduction in demand for quality bulk tea and intense price competition in the bulk tea market has led to MJF Exports (Pvt.) Ltd focusing on providing an efficient and reliable service to bulk tea importers around the world who prefer to work with superior quality teas.

Our dedication and care for the quality of tea packed at the MJF Group is complemented by production, quality assurance and packaging facilities that are globally competitive.

*The MJF Group was established by Merrill J. Fernando, the most experienced teamaker in the world today with over 70 years in the industry.

Why MJF Exports

Our Commitment to Quality

MJF Exports deliver quality products and services at a competitive cost

Normally when purchasing bulk tea, quality is of concern, as its cleaning can involve considerable time, money and effort on the part of the purchaser.

A state-of-the-art tea cleaning plant at the premises in Colombo provides a quality product and service at a competitive cost. This cleaning plant is the first and only one of its kind in Asia, and is second to only one other located in Europe. The complete process is monitored and operated from a central monitoring station via a computerised system specially developed for this, thus ensuring a product that is of the highest quality. Together with a manufacturing facility reputed to be the finest of its kind among the world’s tea growing countries and with a research laboratory and a highly motivated Quality Assurance team, we are top contenders in the industry.


Tradition & Technology

Expertise in providing an efficient and reliable service to bulk tea blenders, packers and brands
  • Our expertise stems from the Founder, Merrill J. Fernando with over 70 years of experience, under whose guidance the Tea Department operates with a team of experienced Tea Tasters.
  • The Tea Department includes a modern tasting room which facilitates the grading and tasting of more than 12,000 lots of tea that are on offer each week at the Tea Auctions.
  • Comparison grading is conducted to ensure the highest quality, for which the Group, as a producer of the highest quality tea based products, is renowned throughout the world.
  • Our Tea Tasters are experienced in recommending or providing exclusive blends of bulk teas to suit each customer’s requirement.

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